Come to Harte Nissan near Middletown, CT, to Buy a Used Nissan!

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Are you trying to find the perfect used car in Connecticut, but haven’t been able to track it down for the right price? If so, we invite you to come explore all the pre-owned vehicle options we have at our Nissan dealership near Middletown. From used and Certified Pre-Owned Nissan models to cars, trucks, SUVs and vans from other makes and models, we’re fully confident that you’ll find a vehicle you not only love, but can pay for within your budget!
We want to make sure each and every customer who visits our dealership drives away with a smile, and a large part of that comes down to having the right selection of vehicles to choose from. We make buying a car an affordable thing to do, not only with the prices we sell them for, but also with the quality financing plans we offer. As a matter of fact, we offer 100% financing credit approval, meaning it’s simple and stress-free to get the keys to your pre-owned Nissan. Whether it be a used Nissan Altima, a CPO Nissan Murano or one of the many other used cars we sell that you’re after, we’d be thrilled for you to join the Harte family of drivers. If you’re a New Englander and you don’t Drive with Harte, we encourage you to pay us a visit and see all that we have to offer. Buy the perfect used Nissan for your lifestyle today at Harte Nissan in Hartford, CT!