Nissan Electric Car FAQs

2022 Nissan Ariya driving on a coastal highway

If you have questions about the new Nissan EV lineup, our Nissan dealership near Bloomfield is here to be your go-to resource. Harte Nissan can match every Connecticut Nissan enthusiast with the new electric vehicle that's perfect for their lifestyle and needs. Plus, we've gathered this helpful list of Nissan EV FAQs for you to consult, so you can learn more about the Nissan electric cars in Hartford that we have available. Whether you're wondering about Nissan charging times, the LEAF range or anything else, our Nissan sales experts are here to assist!

Does Nissan Sell Electric Vehicles?

Yes, you can buy or lease a new Nissan EV at our nearby Nissan dealership. Choose between the new LEAF EV or ARIYA EV depending on your needs. Reach out today to preorder a Nissan LEAF or reserve a 2023 ARIYA in Connecticut with all your desired features!

How Do I Charge an Electric Car?

You can charge an electric car by plugging it in at a local EV charging station or by using an at-home charger unit. Electric car charging times can vary by model and depend on the charging level that is used.

What Is the Nissan LEAF Range?

The new Nissan LEAF range reaches up to an EPA-estimated 212 miles on a full charge while also offering up to 123 MPGe city.1

How Much Does a Nissan LEAF EV Cost?

Meet with our local Nissan financing specialists to learn more about the new LEAF price and any EV tax incentives in Connecticut that you may qualify for to help you save on your purchase.

What Is the Name of the Fully Electric Nissan Model?

Nissan currently produces two all-electric models: the new Nissan LEAF EV and ARIYA EV. The Nissan LEAF can upgrade all your daily drives with eco-friendly performance, while the ARIYA SUV is the family-friendly electric vehicle that you've been searching for.

What Is the Most Reliable Electric Car Today?

The new Nissan LEAF and ARIYA are both reliable electric cars for sale in Connecticut that you can turn to with confidence. Each model comes with a long list of safety features and offers environmentally performance that you can depend on for daily driving, weekend adventures and everything in between.

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