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Do you want to purchase your Nissan now that the lease is up? Are you interested in turning your Nissan in at the end of your lease? Harte Nissan has the answers to guide you during this process and make it easy for you. Regardless of where you leased your Nissan, you can return it here. You have three options when returning a leased car to Harte Nissan.
  • You can purchase your Nissan vehicle outright
  • Replace the lease with a new Nissan vehicle to lease or purchase
  • Simply return the car to the dealer.

Replace Your Nissan

Replacing your Nissan is the right choice if you want to stay in the Nissan family at the end of your current leased vehicle. However, you will need to schedule a Nissan lease return inspection with our service department to ensure everything looks good. So, it is a good idea to note your current mileage, ensure there is no excessive wear and tear, and your vehicle is running smoothly. You should also ensure the vehicle’s interior is as clean as possible and that the owner’s manual, parts, and accessories are within your car.

Return Your Nissan

You can simply return your Nissan when your lease is up if you don’t want to keep or exchange your leased vehicle. The process is simple. Schedule your Nissan lease return inspection, determine if you’re going to make repairs or not, and make an appointment for your Nissan lease return.

Purchase Your Nissan

Are you grown attached to your Nissan lease and can’t bear to let it go? Purchase your leased Nissan. Contact our finance team for more information and clarity on additional fees. Harte Nissan is here to assist with every concern if you have any questions regarding your Nissan lease return. Check our new Nissan models for sale and used Nissan inventory to find your next Nissan vehicle today.

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